When you are working on eliciting a certain behavior from your dog, you’ll want to reward it around the clock.  We can’t always have treats handy in our pockets, so make sure to keep small, tightly sealed containers of treats around the house for you to access.  This way, when your dog is offering a behavior you’ve been looking for, you have, at your hand, the reward he justifiably deserves.

Let’s say you are working on teaching and reinforcing your dog lying quietly on the floor while you’re working on the computer or reading a book or doing something else where you don’t need your dog’s help.  When Pooch is lying down, quietly get the dog treats out of their container, and toss some over to Pooch when he’s not looking.  He’s learning that he may be rewarded for being a good pooch by the skies above.

Think about this as a living example from an old standard song we all have heard.  “He sees you when your sleeping.  He knows when you’re awake.  He knows if you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake!”  The he (or she) the song is referring to in our case is Pooches’ omniscient trainer.  Let’s face it, we know when Pooch has been good or bad even if we’re not always around to witness first hand.   Ignore the bad.  We’ll deal with that later through management.  Just remember, a dog doesn’t remember tearing up a pillow three hours ago, or peeing on the floor two minutes ago.  When his owner and best friend is ranting and raving, all the dog learns is to be afraid of this person because sometimes she gets really mad and takes it out on Pooch.

When Pooch is good, though, tell him.  Emphasize the good behavior he offers.  There are times to tell him what a good dog he is right to his face, and times to let let him know anonymously, but always let him know when he is offering the good behavior.  “Good things can happen anywhere, anytime, if I behave.”  That will be Poochie’s motto the more you, his trainer, stick to the program and reward his stellar moments.

So keep those tightly sealed treat containers full of small sized treats, accessible to you around the house.  The more you let Pooch know when he’s behaving appropriately by showering the treats when he’s least expecting it, the better.

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