When training a dog of any age, what is important, above all, is to be consistent.

Let’s take an example.  You want to keep Pooch off the furniture.  Twenty-three out of twenty-four hours, you enforce the rule.  But somewhere in the 24th hour, you’re watching TV and decide to invite Pooch up on the sofa with you while you watch your favorite TV show.  You have entered a gray area while dogs have a black-and-white understanding.  So when Pooch decides to take a spot on the sofa on his own, don’t be surprised.  He was allowed up there once, so as far as he’s concerned, that’s an all-around invitation to use the sofa whenever he wants.

If you want your dog to understand and behave accordingly, you must be consistent.  Either he’s on the sofa or off.  If it’s a sometimes thing to you, it’s a sometimes thing to your dog.  If you feed him scraps at the dinner table, he will beg at the dinner table.  If you allow him to jump on you when you come home, he will jump on everyone who comes through the door.  Decide upon the behavior you want from your dog and follow the guidelines, not only to get him there, but to keep him there.

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