When training your dog, be sure to have a wide variety of food treats at your disposal.

You can categorize treats into three types – A, B, C.

The A-group is the most appealing treat to the dogs.  For example, most dogs would do anything for a piece of steak or other kind of meat.  Most dogs love cheese, too.

A B-group treat may be dehydrated apples or bananas, an animal cracker, or some other dry tidbit that isn’t usually found in the dog’s food bowl.

A C-group training treat would most likely include a dog’s daily kibble, a carrot, or other food the dog will eat because he’s hungry.

Think about your dog/s and what tasty food will fit under each category and make a list.  And please read the labels on treats.  Some dog treats look and feel like play dough.  They smell awful, and the label reads like a chemical factory list.  It’s so much better to feed your dog food that is natural.  They used to eat it before dog food manufacturers opened shop, and they did very well on it.

So take a little time to make your list then fill your dog’s treat pantry with the good stuff that will motivate him, along with you, to do great things.

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